Framerate Converter HQ is an advanced software application that you can use to change the frame rate of your movie without losing quality. It offers support only for AVI and VDR filetypes.

Setting up this tool is a fast and easy task that shouldn't give you any trouble, since there are only familiar wizard steps without special options or prerequisite apps involved.

As far as the interface is concerned, Framerate Converter HQ adopts a standard window that lists all the options put at your disposal, enabling you to locate the video file you want to process.

It's possible to increase or decrease its speed, keep deinterlacing disabled or opt for both fields (top or bottom first), only odd or even fields, as well as pick the output directory and filename and split it into 2GB-sized parts.

The program gives you the possibility to set a preset or custom aspect ratio in NTSC or PAL format, keep the original frame size while resizing the image inside the frame (or vice versa), and choose the resampling method between top or bottom first interlaced, Coarse, Linear, Sine, Cubic, or Lanczos.

Moreover, you can enter the new FPS, set the interpolation range, and select the frame interpolation method between Coarse, Linear, Sine, Cubic, Lanczos, Langzos + Sine (Langsin), or Median. All modifications are applicable with one click. Since the original movie file remains untouched, it's not necessary to make backups prior to using this tool.

It left a small footprint on system performance in our tests, running on a low amount of CPU and RAM. We haven't come across any issues, as it didn't freeze, crash or show errors.

Thanks to its straightforward configuration settings, Framerate Converter HQ should meet the requirements of advanced users.