We are surrounded most of the time by overwhelming information everywhere we go without being able to handle all of it efficiently. Nowadays, when everything is done virtually and business owners try to advertise their products/ services it's hard to keep up with all the given chores.

If you're a student with many projects or a office worker, or maybe both, virtual note managers come to help ease your work, as they come packed with various functions to provide a simple yet efficient method to add and store multiple tasks and notes.

Free Task Manager is a straightforward and accessible application created to offer an easy way to enter, organize and handle different jobs for both your personal and professional needs. The app is installed through the Windows Store and it's compatible with Windows 8, 8.1, 10.

It's wrapped in an intuitive and user-friendly interface with a predominant black and blue theme with all the individual sections on the left side of the window, the tasks and tags on the left.

Unfortunately, there is no option to sync them with either Windows Cloud, Microsoft Live or other private account nor insert a custom category to properly organize the entries.

You can switch between the dashboard, all, important, overdue, normal and without date sections, as well as search for particular items using the inserted tags. However, it's possible to enter your own tags to easily find particular chores.

To add a new task, simply input the name, description, enable the time constant to enter the due date and time, as well as check the priority and apply relevant tags (e.g. personal, work, to-do, study, home). The record can be marked as finished and altered at any given time.

Taking everything into consideration, Free Task Manager is a useful and simplistic utility that comes in handy for those who need an uncomplicated tool to keep track of important and ongoing assignments and meetings.