FrugalCalc is a comprehensive and reliable application built as a professional calculator for a variety of basic and complex mathematical expressions.

The program offers a multi-line interface, similar to that of a regular text editor, allowing you to follow all the performed calculations with ease.

In addition, with FrugalCalc you can perform a variety of unit conversion operations, for Angles, Acceleration, Charge, Current, Density, Distance, Force, and many more.

FrugalCalc provides you with countless 'Functions', 'Constants' and 'Matrices' that are instantly available for you to work with. For instance, you can use the 'Constants' in 'Atomic and 'Nuclear' calculation, 'Physico-Chemical', 'Universal' or 'X-ray values'.

The built-in 'Functions' include '3D Graphic Examples', 'Dynamics', 'Finance', 'Hydraulics', ' Statics', 'Trigonometry' and many more. Moreover, this program enables you to define your own units, matrices and other items, including support for Greek symbols in all user-defined elements, returning reliable and accurate results.

This software utility uses an advanced calculation engine, that offers support for a variety of complex mathematical expressions, while also being able to provide you with results using operations from previous lines. With FrugalCalc, you can evaluate the Inverse, turn Decimal elements to Fractions almost instantly and calculate Prime Factors.

Furthermore, the tool features four distinct functioning modes, namely 'Standard', Engineering', 'Scientific' and 'Financial', providing you with the ability to perform specific types of mathematical operations in several different fields.

FrugalCalc lets you to evaluate mathematical expressions in 2 to 16 number bases, while also supporting imaginary numbers in Polar, Rectangular and Rectangular Sum modes. What is more, this utility allows you to save, open and print CalcPages, so you can use your calculation documents in a variety of other applications.

To summarize, FrugalCalc can prove very useful in assisting you with all your calculations, regardless of scientific field or preferred unit system, enabling you to quickly obtain accurate results with minimum effort.