When browsing your preferred websites, your actions are constantly tracked and recorded, typically for advertising purposes, but sometimes for malicious ones.

While you can block these trackers using dedicated add-ons, you also have another option, that of turning to a browser that specializes in these actions, namely Ghostery Dawn.

The backbone of this browser is in fact Mozilla's Firefox, and users accustomed with it are bound to recognize the similarities. All the settings and the default tab actions are the same, minus the possibility to generate passwords when looking to protect your configuration with a primary password.

Other than that, all the features are exactly where you expect them to be, so you should be able to use Ghostery Dawn in no time. You can even install extensions and themes to enhance the appearance and functionality of your browser.

The main difference resides in the integration of Ghostery, the well-known add-on that specializes in identifying the trackers from the currently accessed webpage so you can choose which ones to trust, block or restrict.

Similarly, when browsing the web, Ghostery Dawn instantly examines all the trackers and presents you with a detailed list so you can control which ones should be active. This way, the loading time is considerably decreased and you can enjoy the contents much faster than before.

Additionally, Ghostery Dawn also packs the functions of Ghostery Search, a private search engine that does not record your search history thus offering you relevant, yet objective results, unrelated to the previous keywords you looked for.

All in all, if you are a die-hard fan of the stability and reliability that Firefox has to offer, yet you always believed there was room for increased security features, you might be pleased with Ghostery Dawn.