Gifmemes is a lightweight and intuitive piece of software that enables you to create animations and memes using sequences from movies, to which you can attach any text you want.

The application experiences a quick and uneventful installation process, after which you can get started with it, its looks being quite straightforward, thus eliciting a minimal level of knowledge on your part.

The start screen of Gifmemes lets you choose between creating a GIF yourself and adding text to an existing animation, depending on whichever you need to work with.

The ‘Make Gifmeme’ component of the program lets you customize the capture settings, specifically the area on your screen that you wish to focus the attention on, be it a web browser, a media player or other such source.

To select the region, you simply need to place the dedicated shape onto the surface you will be working with, adjusting its size using your mouse cursor. You can also define the destination folder and the number of frames per second.

Click on ‘Start’ to begin capturing the images for your GIF, and press on ‘Stop’ when done. Gifmemes will then process the source files and generate your animation, allowing you to preview it in a dedicated window.

The second component featured by the utility refers to ‘Add Text To GIF’. It lets you apply a written message on your animation, on the top and / or bottom sections, enabling you to define the font, color, duration and position, after which you can press ‘Save’ to export the file to your PC and continue using it for whatever you need.

In short, Gifmemes is a handy and easy to work with program that is aimed at creating GIF animations from videos, allowing you to generate memes and share them in the online environment.