One of the manners in which users can protect their data is to save files and folders on private, virtual drives that can be easily secured with the help of passwords, and which can also be managed just as any other file on a hard disk.

There are various apps that can provide users with the option to create private disks, and one of them is GiliSoft Private Disk, which has been designed for this purpose only.

The application comes with a simple, intuitive interface, allowing users to create new private disks with only a few mouse clicks. Moreover, the tool supports the creation of such disks on USB drives, for increased security while on the go.

When creating a new private drive, users can select the size they want for it, and can also assign it a specific letter, as well as a password for protection.

Users who have multiple private disks on their hard drives can switch between them with only a few mouse clicks, while also being able to mount disks that have been hidden, and which can not be accessed with other applications.

One of the main features of this tool is its ability to hide disks when they are unmounted, for increased security. However, users can also choose to leave disks visible, and can also remove the protection from those that have been already hidden, directly from the application.

With the help of this app, users can repair any of the corrupted private disks. Moreover, they can set the utility to run at Windows Startup, and can enjoy fast access its various capabilities via a right click on its System Tray icon.

GiliSoft Private Disk does not offer only increased ease-of-use, but it also provides users with fast performance capabilities. During our testing, it managed to create, mount, and unmount disks in matters of seconds while consuming only a small amount of system resources.

The software can easily prove a great option for users interested in keeping their documents in a secured environment at all times, but who also want to receive fast access to their data.