Hakros - SecureLock is a straightforward and practical application whose main purpose is to help you secure your computer and protect critical data against unauthorized users.

Although it comes with basic features and an intuitive interface, Hakros - SecureLock aims to protect your system during your absence, thus preventing the use of system resources and access your important documents.

It manages to carry out its task by allowing you to set your favorite password and lock your screen each time you leave the computer. Thus, you can be rest assured that your files will be protected no matter the circumstances.

Still, if you leave your computer unattended or simply forget to close it but the secure mode is turned on and is blocking the system, after returning to your computer, you can generate reports from where you can view all the failed attempts. This way, you have the possibility to view if someone is trying to access your computer each time you leave from your desk.

Additional features that the application comes with are the audible alarm sounds, USB protection and customizable background. You have the possibility to set your own image as background and lock the mouse cursor.

However, if you want to restore all the default configurations and get back the application to its first state, you are able to access the ‘Default Cfg’ option.

All things considered, Hakros - SecureLock is worth having when you need to protect your computer from unauthorized users in a secure way.