Specifically created for those who work in the geology sector, HARDLEDGE makes it possible for its users to build a comprehensive database of igneous and metamorphic rocks and store a variate data collection regarding each type of rock.

The purpose of HARDLEDGE is to provide assistance to all geologists, either experienced or beginner ones, in recording complete petrographic descriptions containing rock identification details and chemical composition information about each entry. In other words, it can help users create a vast database that can then be shared and queried whenever necessary.

The interface is not stylish and quite outdated, comprising new windows that open inside the main one. However, it is easy to work with, and users will surely be able to find their way around all the options, as menu items are clear, and all the functions are intuitive. While its appearance might not be so appealing, its functionality precedes it in terms of importance.

The utmost feature of HARDLEDGE is related to the amount of data it can store and the analysis it can run. The user can create a new description entry for each rock type, be it igneous or metamorphic, filling in information about the rock’s dimensions, the stratigraphic unit, age, location of origin (country, state, place description), edition, the name of the petrographer, institution, use of the description, and additional observations that might be considered relevant.

HARDLEDGE allows for microscopic identification of the rock’s composition, recording details about its structure and scale, granularity, crystal size, shape, and texture. It enables users to capture data concerning chemical constituents and percentages, porosity, density, and permeability.

Once a solid database is created, HARDLEDGE automatically generates a rock classification based on the provided data. Descriptions can be exported to various formats and backups can be created.

Additionally, the PetroQuery application enables users to perform filtered searches within the database based on specific attributes.

Although it can use a makeover, HARDLEDGE comes with a rich enough set of tools and features that can make it a valuable asset in the toolset of any geologist. All its functions are easy to understand, and its storage capabilities are overall satisfactory for those interested in igneous and metamorphic rocks. To store information about sedimentary rocks, you will have to turn to another application, called PETROLEDGE.