When working on complex projects, keeping track of all the documents and notes you need to have at hand is far from easy, unless you have a specialized application to help you out.

HotKeyHarold is a fairly simple utility that, as its name suggests, relies on keyboard shortcuts to help you store and access notes quickly and efficiently. It is very unobtrusive, as it rests quietly in the system tray, but it would benefit from a modernized interface.

Most of the time, the application will be minimized to the system tray, keeping all your notes in order until you need to add a new one or copy information to the clipboard.

When you have need of it, however, you can bring up the program window with a simple hotkey, copy a note with one of the function keys, and then send it back to the system tray with another keyboard shortcut.

If you want to stay productive, you will most likely be pasting text from the clipboard whenever you add a new item, but HotKeyHarold also offers a set of simple formatting tools. You can, for instance, change the font type, size and style, create bullets or highlight URLs.

To make data entry operations even easier, you have the option of importing content directly from TXT files, and individual notes can also be exported with a couple of mouse clicks.

The application is also capable of displaying notifications at specific times and taking you to certain memos. To take advantage of this feature, you need to insert a reminder in the respective note using the correct formatting.

Each new project you create consists of a designated folder where all your notes are stored. You can relocate them at any time, and every project you have opened at one point is remembered and displayed in the bottom-left panel.

This is a great tool for users who need to work on multiple unrelated projects at once, as you can switch between the available note sets instantly.

On the whole, HotKeyHarold is a simple-to-use application that can help you keep your notes in order. It enables you to access them with minimal effort, and it is very unobtrusive, but it features a somewhat outdated user interface.