The Internet can be a dangerous place not only for your computer, but distracting employees from their tasks might result in negative impact on a business. However, administrators can take advantage of an abundance of security solutions like HT System Administrator that can be used to limit or completely block access to various locations online and offline.

If it's the first time you install the application, it's best you pay attention to each step and let it automatically run after deployment, because no desktop shortcut is delivered for security purposes and you can quickly set up parameters this way.

Accommodation is as easy as it gets for beginners and experts alike. The main window is structured in three panels that let you access different online and offline content to block, reports you can create, as well as general options and user accounts. When all is done, you need to use a hotkey to bring it back up because it doesn't even stay in the system tray to make detection more difficult.

As mentioned above, the application gives you the possibility to impose restrictions for websites, as well as other programs installed on your computer. The configuration window is cleverly structured in tabs for website and application blocking, as well as Windows security and user accounts.

Simply writing down a target URL or browsing through your files for a specific executable file is all there is to creating a restriction rule. In addition, schedules can easily be managed for each block session in order to make targets accessible only between specific time intervals.

If a computer is used by multiple individuals, a dedicated feature lets you select Windows users to put under surveillance. Options let you set only a monitoring task or enable filters for websites and programs, as well as system security which refer to task manager and command prompt.

Last but not least, activity history is kept track of and can be accessed at any given moment. Each attempt is recorded, with all of them displayed in categorized tables along with corresponding info. Display modes let you analyze reports either as a log or chart, with options to export to file.

All in all, HT System Administrator is a powerful monitoring and security solution which comes in handy for both home and work environments. With little effort, you can limit or restrict access to harmful websites or distracting programs on you computer, with options to generate reports every now and then, making it worth a try overall.