Text editors might seem trivial nowadays, considering how popular office suites have become lately. However, having a fast and hassle-free editor means saving time and energy when handling your text files. And this is what iA Writer aims to do.

The graphic interface is simplistic, without looking empty or even boring due to the file explorer panels that you can hide.

Basically, once you have located the file you want to work on, or you have created a new document in the location you choose, you can simply hide everything else from the main window of iA Writer except the editing section.

This way, you can work on your text or Markdown file without distractions.

This is a good moment to test your knowledge of Markdown shortcuts, as this would make you even more efficient. You can open a preview panel whenever you want to check the document's looks - you can even view how the file looks if you export it to PDF.

If you are not familiarized with this type of formatting, it is best to take some to examine the dedicated menu entries and learn some of the hotkeys.

One of the greatest functions of iA Writer is its Focus feature - it dims all the displayed text, except for the paragraph or sentence you are currently reading.

Spellcheck is also included, along with a so-called Syntax control function, that colors each part of speech differently, which comes in great when you want to improve your grammar.

In a nutshell, iA Writer packs a lot of goodies under the hood, you just need to be willing to look for them. As expected, you can edit text files, but you can also export the document to PDF, HTML, Markdown or Word.