Data recovery tools are a godsend if you need to retrieve inaccessible or accidentally deleted files, but on the other hand, they could pose a threat to users who don’t actually know an efficient way of deleting their sensitive file, rendering all this content vulnerable.

Fortunately, secure cleaning tools do exist as well and propose a variety of features, depending on the level of experience of each and every user. iBeesoft File Shredder is one such application that bets on simplicity and ease of navigation while ensuring all your data is deleted permanently once you no longer need it.

First of all, let’s take a look at the program’s GUI, which is intuitive and reveals a rather modest set of features.  What you need to do in order to start the secure cleaning operation is select the files and folders you want to shred by examining the tree in the main window.

When this step is complete, you can carry out the task, at the end of which a confirmation message is displayed so that you can be sure your files and folders cannot be recovered, regardless of the tools one has at their disposal.

But aside from being able to handle files and directories, the software utility works as a hard drive wiper as well since it can erase all data on the HDD as well as SSD and thus improve the reading time.

What’s more, wiping partitions and volumes is possible, as is also the case of cleaning USB drives, digital cameras, SD cards, and whatnot.

As for how efficiently iBeesoft File Shredder completes its tasks, it should be pointed out that it proved high performance during our tests.

On an ending note, iBeesoft File Shredder is a tiny app you can turn to in order to irreversibly delete all sorts of data at the push of a button. While the set of features it packs is rather poor, the software utility should cater to the needs of users who are not that tech-savvy or simply need a responsive tool to get their work done.