IncrediFace is an intuitive application that can help you place any face on a magazine cover, movie poster or other image with minimum effort.

The user interface is straightforward, and offers quick access to all its main options. It proves to be pretty easy to work with this tool, thanks to its wizard approach that helps you create a new project in four steps. You can create, delete or rename the projects.

The application offers users the possibility to choose from a wide range of templates (e.g. animals, kids, objects, sports), or download some others. Moreover, you can create your own templates by uploading images from your computer, and defining the face area with the help of a brush. You can select the brush size, and apply the blur mask feature that allows you to smooth the edges you have drawn.

The next step allows users to load the picture and crop the face area. In order to perfectly align the two images, you can drag the face to position it, resize its dimensions, rotate the face, and adjust the level of brightness, contrast and skin tone.

You can also zoom in or out of the generated image, restore the photo to its original size, and change the border color.

Furthermore, it is possible to add animated or static clipart, speech bubbles and sounds, as well as record your voice or upload a file with the WAV format. At the end of the project, users can opt for adding template music from a preset list, or picking their own MP3 song.

The generated image can be sent via email, saved as JPG or BMP, exported to HTML, uploaded to websites via FTP, provided that you have specified the username and password, and burnt to CDs. You can also set the image as wallpaper, print it, and create screensavers or EXE applications.

Overall, IncrediFace is a handy application that manages to place any face on various templates. Thanks to its overall simplicity and useful features, it appeals to beginners and experts alike.