Constantly using a computer for leisure and work activities sooner or later fills it up with various leftovers or junk files that eat up a lot of disk space and might have an impact on overall performance. Luckily, there are an abundance of utilities like Internet Tracks Washer that let you target a handful of areas to be scrubbed to put your PC back on its feet.

Unlike most applications of its kind, no scan process is triggered automatically the first time you run it. This comes in handy and instead the main window is directly brought up so you can take a look at the available options. Don't be fooled by the name, because Internet related items are not the only subjects to target, with disk cleaning and system tweaks being amongst integrated functions.

If you want to run a quick cleaning process and don't really care what is removed, you might as well go ahead and tick Windows system, Internet browsers, Windows registries and disk drives, while hitting the “Wash Now!” button triggers the process. There's nothing to worry about, because the application's default settings are cleverly optimized so that your system is not affected in a bad way.

Advanced users have a change to dive deeper into configuring every single thing the process does. Each of the areas mentioned above bring up a new window fitted with descriptions so you don't get stuck along the way. Depending on the area selected, you have access to multiple tabs and you're mostly required to tick items of interest.

Although the name suggests the Internet is the main target, corresponding options leave a little something to be desired. Sure, the list of supported options is decent and there's even the possibility to thoroughly snoop through cookies, but the number of supported browsers is limited to Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer, even if more are installed, while some options are only applicable to IE.

There are even a few more tools if you consider default or custom cleaning didn't live up to expectations. These range from a wide variety of system tweaks, such as automatic system logon, Windows explorer accessibility settings or several applications delivered by Windows. In addition, you can use a secure deletion tool to permanently remove files through one of the implemented algorithms.

For more security, there's an integrated feature that lets you set up a master password so only you can access what the application puts at your disposal. There's even a scheduler you can use to automate the cleaning process and practicality is further enhanced if this is combined with the option to have the app run at startup.

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Internet Tracks Washer is a lot more than what the name suggests and manages to pack a decent amount of cleaning tools in a highly-intuitive interface so you can easily and thoroughly restore your PC's performance. It's not perfectly polished from all points of view, with poor support for web browsers, but it does get the job properly done and fast, with options for automating processes.