There are many applications that enable you to connect to a computer remotely and perform various actions, but things get more difficult if your Internet provider assigns the machine a dynamic IP address.

IP via Email is a useful program that can detect your PCs public IP and send an e-mail notification to a specified address when changes are observed, or at regular intervals. Moreover, it can insert system information in the compiled report.

The application is not particularly difficult to configure, as you only need to provide the e-mail address that should be used to deliver messages, as well as the recipient. If you purchase a subscription, you can use the Microproject service for this purpose.

You can also include a message and information about the host computer's configuration in the delivered message.

IP via Email scans for IP changes on a user-defined interval, and you can also have it send notifications even if the address remains the same.

The program offers an additional module that can be used to scan your computer and obtain information about its hardware configuration, user accounts and various other parameters.

You can select the ones you want to be informed of, and then receive this data via e-mail along with the IP change notification.

IP via Email is launched automatically at system startup, and it can be sent to the system tray. Once installed on your computer, the program requires minimal user input after the initial configurations have been performed.

However, it has to be said that the application's interface is rather outdated, although this may be a major issue given that fact that the utility is likely to be minimized to the system tray at all times.

All in all, this is a fairly straightforward piece of software specially designed to help you connect to a computer remotely by sending the host machine’s current IP address via e-mail. It can be configured quite easily, and it is very unobtrusive.