Keeping the company network in good shape requires professional software assistance, besides a team of well-prepared administrators.

IPSentry Network Monitoring Suite is a package of utilities that can monitor the entire network infrastructure, from Internet and Intranet servers, routers, modems and databases to services and event logs.

The installation procedure is not complicated, but it may take a while for all the files to be added to the system; it is not a time consuming operation, though.

When a problem is discovered the suite automatically initiates the alert protocol and informs the administrators of the nefarious event.

The monitoring capabilities of the suite have a wide range and are capable of informing of the current network latency and connectivity, standard TCP port connections, available free space on disk drives (local and remote) and current state of critical system services.

Additionally, the suite can be configured to keep an eye on web servers and check that certain content has been received. Thanks to the support of add-ins the functionality of the bundle can be extended to support SSL, redirection, and form data posting.

Configuring the package should far from a difficult task, especially for an advanced user, because the process can be carried out through an easy to understand and intuitive interface.

Apart from this, in most cases there is the possibility to test the configuration in order to make sure that all parameters are set properly.

IPSentry Network Monitoring Suite is a professional package for watching over network software and hardware components and making sure that everything runs without a glitch.

It is easy to configure and work with, although this is valid only for users with solid knowledge about networks and the devices that maintain them in good shape and secure.