If you frequently handle foreign text contents, you might understand the importance of having a trustworthy translation service at your fingertips, one that can quickly simplify your work.

Just Translate is one of the many applications that can offer you full-scale translation features and packs a broad range of supported languages you can choose from.

Since this is a Windows Store application, you don't need to perform any complicated operations in order to install it on the target computer, as the process is pretty simple.

You just need to navigate to its product page, hit the "Get" button and the "Install" one afterward. The rest of the process unfolds automatically, without any additional assistance on your side.

Just Translate packs a user-friendly interface, one that can be operated even by computer novices or users that have no previous experience with similar software solutions.

The main window is split into two parts: the first one is where the original text is placed and the second one is where the output (translated) text is generated and displayed. The toolbar buttons are quite intuitive.

As its name strongly suggests, this application can help you translate bits of text in a quick manner. You just have to select the input and output languages, provide the app with the desired text and hit the "Translate" button. The only requirement is that you have an Internet connection.

You can also import text from a document on your PC and save the result as a text file after you finish translating it. Although this app comes with audio support for translating heard text, we couldn't make it work, as clicking the microphone triggered no effect.

All in all, if you're looking for a tool that can translate texts from and to various languages, you might consider giving Just Translate a try. It can be easily installed, comes with a user-friendly interface and lets you import and export text files easily. However, note that the audio translation feature might be faulty.