Testing applications or games most of the times requires a screenshot or recording of activity on your desktop. Luckily, there are various specialized applications out there, such as Kahlown – Screen Capture Video Recorder that give you the possibility to immortalize your desktop at just the right moment.

Even though your keyboard is equipped with a button that can take a screenshot, in some cases it does not suffice and post processing must be done, depending on the area of interest. As the name suggests, you are also able to record activity on your desktop besides capturing a still image.

Both features can be used to record everything on your desktop, just the working area, or simply have your mouse dragged around the screen to create a custom zone. Furthermore, when taking screenshots, you are also able to emphasize a single window or content from a provided web address.

From the main window you are able to set a destination directory to have your videos automatically stored. However, this only applies to recordings, whereas pictures automatically launch Paint, giving you the possibility to further edit and save to a desired format. Unfortunately, there is no option to have images automatically saved.

Moreover, the application features integrated hotkey support, but these are predefined, with no possibility to add a custom combination of keys for each capturing method. This makes it considerably less practical, because it cannot stay hidden in the system tray and get the job done wit the help of hotkeys.

All in all, Kahlown – Screen Capture Video Recorder only delivers half of what it should. Overall design is poor, with many important features missing or either left aside in the development process. It feels a little rough around the edges with a lot more to be desired.