LockItTight is a must-have tool for all users of laptops or other similar portable devices, providing them with a way to identify the location of their computer in case it gets stolen. But its functionality is not limited to this. It can be used for monitoring the computer activity, taking screenshots and capturing webcam streams, which can help you identify the burglar.

Once installed on the target system, the client application periodically sends reports to the central server, enabling you to view them using a simple web browser, provided you know the credentials.

All the registered devices are displayed in your online account, along with detailed information concerning the installed operating system, the computer name and description, the IP address and the name of the logged in user. The reported location can be viewed directly on Google Maps.

From the web-based interface you can reset the program, restart the service on the selected system or request a new report from the client application. Furthermore, a warning custom message can be sent to the target computer, notifying robbers that you are aware of their identity.

Aside from this, the client application can take screenshots of your desktop, which can help you find out contact information of the thief. Provided your PC is equipped with a webcam, LockItTight can capture live snapshots and with a little bit of luck, the picture might contain the burglar's face.

LockItTight can prove to be a real asset in situations when you want to retrieve your stolen computer. Aside from the PC's location, it collects data on the installed applications, the browser history, typed keys, clipboard entries, offering you the possibility to remotely access the computer to retrieve or delete confidential files.