M4V Player is a simple and reliable program that enables you to watch movies in M4V format, on your computer. The software allows you to render this type of videos on your computer, instead of watching them on a mobile device that generally supports them. The software offers high quality playback with several control options.

M4V is a video file format which is compatible with mobile devices such as iPod, iPhone, PlayStation. The format is consistent with advanced encoding algorithms for the video stream (H264) and for the audio stream (AAC) and is often associated with HD movies. M4V is a convenient encoding method, since it can store high resolution video formats, in a file with reduced size, compared to other HD videos.

Generally, the M4V format is not associated with most video player software, however it can easily be rendered on the computer, using M4V Player. The application is dedicated to playing M4V files, but it also supports MP4, as well as other common video formats.

M4V Player features a simple interface, focused on rendering the video instead of distracting you with buttons and functions. You may watch a movie in window mode and easily control the playback, or switch to fullscreen. Several options for playback control are available for you, from the dedicated menu - at the top - or from the keyboard.

You may thus pause/resume or stop the playback at any time, increase/decrease the volume, as well as mute/unmute the video. Also, you may easily switch to fullscreen and back using a single key.

M4V Player allows you to watch M4V movies in high video quality, pause/resume and control the playback. The software features a neat and simple interface, which allows you to open the movie and enjoy watching it. Opening a file by dragging and dropping it into the player, however, is not an available option.