The learning process, be it for an exam or just some personal goals, most of the time involves some learning through repetition and memorizing. This repetitive method can sometimes become boring and yield negative efficiency. Memorize It is an application that will resort to alternative learning methods, by deploying anecdote, clue, gap-fill and more techniques.

The app sports a plain interface that carries a blank layout without to much features and notable characteristics. The main text entry area will allow users to add the preferred text with ease and thanks to its cleanliness, preview and correct it with ease if that is the case.

There are however no formatting tools for the inputted text and those who deal with larger sentences or even entire paragraphs will have to ensure that the text is well formatted beforehand. Nevertheless, having entered the text, the following steps are quite straightforward.

People who really wish to test their learning capabilities and give up repetitive-based memorization will be able to use a series of tools that the application provides. These encompass keeping the first and last letter of each word and hiding the inner ones, gap-filling by removing words randomly or hiding vowels or consonants.

Once the inputted text has been transformed by selecting the preferred technique, if users wish to reveal the text when attempting to learn it, they can do so at any time, by clicking and holding on the added entry.

This application addresses users who have trouble learning information in the classical way, through repetition and it promises to offer a set of tools that will promote alternative learning techniques.