Notepad is a popular application on all Windows computers, since people often turn to it to make notes or type down ideas. However, because of its limited feature-set, it became somewhat obsolete, and Memrey aims to be a replacement.

The application comes with an appealing graphic interface that makes it approachable and intuitive even for PC novices. As you would expect, you can still make notes, but you can also encrypt or share them, and attach files (images, audio tracks or other documents) .

Moreover, you can browse your notes as flashcards, so you are no longer restricted to viewing only a single note at a time.

Not only can you create multiple notes, but you can also sort them into folders by simply dragging and dropping them.

When creating a new note, you have the liberty to choose the text size, color and formatting (bold, italic, strike-through, underline), as well as embed links, add checkboxes or alter the alignment type.

You can assign tags to each note, then group the notes into folders for easier organization. Additionally, you can start freehand drawing within your notes, with the built-in pen (while the color can be customized, the pen type cannot be modified).

If you want to show your colleagues what you are currently working on, you can either save your document as PDF and send it via email, or you can rely on the integrated sharing options.

More specifically, you can generate view-only links that can later be shared with other people.

All in all, while it might take some time to discover all the functions Memrey has to offer, you are bound to appreciate the integrated encryption capabilities (with an integrated key generator), along with the numerous editing possibilities for your notes.