Dealing with most cloud-based calendar apps usually implies having to employ the services of a web browser and, for some, it may be quite annoying at times.

It's exactly why apps like MineTime aim to offer a more user-focused experience by allowing you to manage cloud calendars from a single place. In just a few words, this stylish utility makes it possible for you to manage your Google, Outlook, Microsoft Exchange, and Office 365 calendars directly from the desktop of your computer.

Since we're on the subject, we should point out that support for iCloud and CalDAV calendars is in the works and, since this app's Electron-based, it means that you can benefit from virtually the same user experience on all major OSes out there, namely Windows, macOS, and Linux.

As expected from a modern calendar app, MineTime provides you with the typical view modes (daily, weekly, and monthly) that allow you to thoroughly manage your appointments and events. There's also a smart Time Insights feature which, as its name suggests, it provides you with a clear overview of calendar-related activity in order to improve future scheduling decisions.

Its repertoire of handy features is completed by a somewhat unusual yet welcome Assistant. Basically, with the help of this so-called assistant (accessible on the left side of the app's main window), you can easily schedule events and perform a broad range of actions using basic English sentences.

Give it a try using some of the following basic expressions: "add new event next week," "jump to September 2018," "schedule a meeting with Softpedia tomorrow."

That said, if your workflow revolves around at least one of the supported cloud-based calendars, then you should definitely give MineTime a quite trying, as chances are it will not disappoint.