Get all the dates you always wanted to know in advance on your Handheld. Upcoming holidays sorted in order of region and religion. Mobile Dates also allows you to add new events such as, Anniversary, Birthday, etc.

An all-in-one ( item view) screen display. Set the holiday/event as a appointment.View the details of a particular Holiday/Event with the description which can be modified. Add a note to the event. Useful for business travellers and people having international friends. Reminds you to wish your friends for a event/festival in their region or religion and make friends forever.


Here are some key features of "Mobile Dates":

· Holiday Dates from 2006 to 2015..

· 70+ Countries & 1100+ holidays.

· Can add new Category/Holiday/Event to the existing collection.

· Exports holiday in Datebook/Calendar without going out of the MobileDates application.

· Sort/View based on year/category.

· Export to Memopad.


· Palm OS 3.0 to 5.x.