Money management is essential to keep your expenses under control and calculate your possibilities better. Even more, if you have stock investments, it is mandatory to keep track of your cash flow and be aware of everything that happens with your money. Many applications can help you manage your finances. Money Tracker Pro is a finance manager that comes as an alternative to the more popular programs out there.

From the start, I have to tell you that this is not freeware. Money Tracker Pro comes with a free, but limited variant, which is ad-supported. The app only displays a banner at the bottom of the window, which does not interfere with the content on the screen. The Premium version is ad-free and unlimited. But, if you don't have many bank accounts to manage, the free version will do a great job, too.

This program is available on multiple platforms, including Windows 10, Windows 8 Mobile, Android, and iOS. We will talk about the Windows 10 version of this application. Money Tracker Pro is easy to use once you have set it up. You will have to choose the default currency, introduce your account balance in the app, add your income, along with your payday, add your expense plans, monthly utility bills, and other data that the program asks for. Once your data are in the program, it will show you reports on how your money moves so that you can make other plans, such as buying a new car or traveling, or start saving more money for your needs.

Money Tracker is quite helpful for those people who cannot manage their money on their own. This finance manager also works smoothly, without lagging, and gives you lots of details on your money, even in its free version.