Designed for busy individuals who need to keep everything carefully organized to manage their daily activity, provides a reliable organization system with a built-in email reader and a calendar.

To make things easier, connects to a user's personal Google account and syncs with Google's services, including the calendar, Gmail (several accounts can be synced), Google Drive, and Google Contacts. In fact, all the data users create in is stored in Google Drive automatically. The goal is to provide an integrated system where all the activity management tools are available from the same interface.

Aiming to smoothen the transition from other organization systems, can import data from various other applications, including Google Tasks, Todoist, IQTell, Trello, Workflowy, or Wunderlist. Also, Evernote links can be opened in

Upon launch, users are greeted by an outline document containing some basic controls. They are made aware that uses tags to organize information, and they are given instructions on how to create a new header and a new task in a document. A short video tutorial is available as well, and it is recommended that users take the time to watch it, just to get a glimpse at what can do.

All the information users intend to store in can be neatly organized in different boards, which are practically separate sets of panes. There are various types of panes one can use, including outlines, calendars, archived documents, Gmail panes, and Google Drive sections.

What is interesting is that these panels can interact. For instance, users can drag and drop an email to the Outline panel, and it will be displayed as a link that allows access to the message content with a click. Therefore, the Outline is the place to put all the upcoming tasks and important events that should not be forgotten about.

As syncs data to Google, users can view their cloud content and read their email from the dedicated panels. And, although this application is far from being a full-featured email client, it does allow email composing and sending, with attachments and links.

In addition, enables its users to create to-do lists with attached notes, keeping it all together in a single place. Tasks can be prioritized and automatically synced with Google Calendar.

As expected, also features an alert system that detects the date and time of an event and displays on-screen notifications about it. enables users to organize their activity exactly as they see fit, but it only syncs with Google's services, leaving aside other similar providers. Even so, it does have a major advantage: that of merging different organizational components into a single application dedicated to streamlining task management and improving users' workflow.