Documents can be used to store different types of data, and one common format to do so in is the Word file output. Chances are such a document holds contact details you want to extract with little effort. In this regard, MS Word Extract Email Addresses From Documents Software is equipped with just the right means.

It takes only a little while before you get to take the application for a spin, with the installation requiring only a few moments. However, Office also needs to be installed, so the program can make use of some features Word provides, for reading, and extraction to be possible. Word doesn’t launch, but only some of its components are used.

Luckily, the application supports both DOC, and DOCX extensions, just in case you also happen to have some contacts in documents saved with old version of Word. Adding them requires little effort, and can either be done by dropping them over the main window, selecting them one by one through the browse dialog, or picking the content of an entire folder.

Email addresses are extracted at the press of a button, but before you put the process in motion, there’s an additional option you can enable, which includes file names next to each email address. All results are shown in a list below, with a table showing all emails, and file names so you know where they are grabbed from.

Saving results can be done under two different file types, namely TXT, and CSV. You can take the time to select which addresses to save. Sadly, there’s no option to filter by name, or domain, so you must sort through the list yourself.

Bottom line is that MS Word Extract Email Addresses From Documents Software does exactly what the name suggests, with little effort required on your behalf. Both DOC, and DOCX files can be targeted, and although there aren’t any filters to save only for a specific domain, it can be relied on to quickly create mailing lists.