Multi Clipboard is an useful and reliable application whose main purpose is to help you perform data entry tasks more easily, by allowing you the store the most commonly used phrases or words in your clipboard and swiftly paste them when required.

During the installation process, you are provided with two sets of activation credentials, which you will need to use in order to complete Multi Clipboard’s installation, so make sure you copy them before continuing.

The interface of the program is made up of a single, non-resizable window, that enables you to store up to fourteen different words, phrases or lengthier pieces of text.

For starters, you will need to populate the fourteen slots in Multi Clipboard’s main window, either by manually inputting the items you need or by pasting them from clipboard. When complete, you can click on the ‘Save’ button, which will preserve your entries and restore them every time you press ‘Preset 1’.

To use the bits and pieces of text, you will need to click on the button next to each entry, for instance ‘ALT 1’ or ‘ALT d’, and the tool will place the item in your clipboard. Afterward, you can paste the text in your working window, using CTRL+ V or the equivalent option from your context menu.

On condition that you do not save something else over the initial configuration, you will be able to work with your ‘Preset’ every time you need to, as it is stored in Multi Clipboard’s memory. Nonetheless, you can create a new one, every time the information changes, but unfortunately, this will also discard the previous one.

To conclude, Multi Clipboard is a handy and efficient piece of software that can significantly simplify your job, particularly if it entails a lot of repetitive writing, as it can spare you from having to switch back and forth between several windows.