Music is an important part of our lives, as we all love listening to our favorite songs that can lead us towards new levels of energy and motivation. Besides that, it can do wonders for our mind and soul as well, mending us with lyrics and musical hues.

Music For Life is an application that brings us closer to our favorite tunes, serving us a bit of extra flavors in terms of features, while featuring a simple interface.

The application presents itself as a lightweight music player, but with just enough functionality for listening to our favorite songs whenever we want.

When you first access it, you can opt for listening to the tunes from a specific country, or language, that are available to be selected from the provided list.

The application has a slick design, and the elements are fairly well integrated within the menus. But one thing that could bother users is the way scrolling feels when you want to see what else is on the song list.

It acts a bit lazy when you try to scroll down with the mouse wheel, and if you click and drag the scrollbar, it will act as it is inverted. So, at least for now, the only solution to move further down a big list of songs is to scroll patiently until you find what you want.

Luckily, there is a search function that can help until the scrolling is improved. And speaking of useful features, we can access the song we are listening to on Youtube directly from the app's interface. To do that, you only need to click on the image of the current song that's playing and an overlay will come forward.

Here, you can share the song on different platforms as well, but the most interesting feature from this menu is the button that will show you the song's lyrics, which is something great to have at your disposal, as most of the time you are forced to search for them yourself, on the internet.

With the trend function, Music For Life can help you discover new, good quality tunes, making it a useful app for listening to songs from all around the world. There are things that could still be improved, but it is a decent music player overall.