Netumo is a powerful, yet easy to use application designed to help you with website and domain management. The software enables you to monitor the activity of your websites and domains, receive feedback in real time or view monthly reports. Netumo acts as a central location for monitoring all your domains.

Netumo is a reliable software that enables you to keep track of the activity on your websites and domains, as well as monitor their expiration date. You can receive notifications before the expiry date, since the software can easily parse domain whois records and return data about its availability.

The Overview tab displays all the domains you created, along with the URL of the registrar, the name and email of the registrant and the availability period. You may easily add new domains to the monitoring list, by mentioning the required data, then let the software acquire whois data.

The software can ping your website, in order to check if specific pieces of code match in certain areas of the page. This procedure is needed to ensure that your website loads correctly and that the response time is adequate. Netumo can perform the process for all your websites and retrieve the desired information within seconds. Moreover, it can notify you at the same time if errors have occurred.

You can be notified of the errors in real time, or view the weekly and monthly reports, since the software stores all the data it retrieves. The reports are generated individually, for each website and reflect the desired period: the past 30 days, the current month or the previous month. Additionally, the software can automatically send notifications by email or SMS, once every hour, for each monitored site.

Netumo is capable of monitoring, recording and storing data regarding your websites or domains. You may easily start queries in order to check your website’s activity, availability or response time. Moreover, the reports the software can generate offer a detailed overview of all the items under observation, displaying statistical data, graphs or status code bar charts.