Network administrators who require detailed information about the PCs currently connected to a network might have difficulties in gathering all the data manually. Not only is this process time consuming, but it also comes with certain limitations. Network Inventory PRO was designed to help overcome such problems by providing a complete package for network mapping. It will provide users with an effective way of obtaining the required characteristics of all the PCs over a network.

Network Inventory PRO comes packed with an intuitive interface that will provide a great amount of information once the network scanning has been initiated. Users will be able to easily select a specific PC from the network and the application will list detailed data about its operating system, hardware, software or BIOS.

Right after the installation process, people will be assisted by a configuration wizard which will guide them through all the necessary steps that are required for scanning the network. However, some frustration might arise from the fact that since this is a network mapping utility, it fails to also provide a graphic depiction of all the PCs and their connections in the network.

One will be able to scan the network for Microsoft terminal services, Windows network or web client network services, but the application also allows scanning for a specific IP range. Nevertheless, users must prepare themselves with patience, since in our tests the application took quite some time to finish scanning the network.

Once the scan has been completed, users will be able to browse the different tabs that house numerous details about the general characteristics of the PCs: OS, software, hardware, network, multimedia or BIOS. In addition to viewing the aforementioned data, one can also edit the registry of a selected PC, access its task scheduler or perform restart / shut down operations.

Those who require an effective solution for mapping out all the PCs connected to the LAN, with information about their characteristics, could have a go with this application. It will offer them numerous detailed data about the operating system, software or hardware of the selected PCs and it will allow them to carry out remote procedures. In spite of its capabilities, demanding users might crave for a graphical representation of the mapped network.