NetZoom 15 is a powerful application that can help you organize assets is small and medium data centers, server rooms and IT rooms. It allows you to create complex network diagrams, as well as model floor layouts and rack elevations.

Unlike a classic diagramming program, NetZoom 15 allows you to manage all assets and interconnections from a single, intuitive interface, and it makes it easy to generate accurate connectivity diagrams when they are required.

NetZoom 15 has a pretty extensive list of requirements, but the setup process is not as complex as you might expect. The installer scans your computer to verify if the prerequisites are available, making it a lot easier to complete the necessary configurations.

If one or more components are not found on your PC, the wizard can install them automatically, so there should be no need to download them yourself.

NetZoom 15 relies on an extensive device stencil library, and it is suitable for experts who need to manage data centers, server rooms, rack rooms, data closets or IT rooms.

It enables you to create high-quality network and wiring diagrams, as well as data center floor layouts and rack elevations.

It is a great companion application for Microsoft Visio, as it enables you to export your projects to the popular diagramming program, and it can even be used as an add-on.

NetZoom 15 is clearly intended to be used by experienced IT professionals, but the detailed user manual makes it possible for novices to take advantage of it as well. In any case, first-time users should be able to get the hang of things very quickly.

The application also features a modern, user-friendly interface, and the intuitive wizards allow you to perform various actions with minimal effort.

In conclusion, NetZoom 15 is a feature-packed piece of software that can help you manage assets and create professional network diagrams, floor layouts and rack elevations. It features a modern, intuitive interface and includes comprehensive documentation.