Modern activities are heavily tied to computer use, but it’s also the place with a high number of distractions in the same workspace. Just to help you monitor computer activities to improve time spent on each task, NkTimeTracker Pro can keep an eye on active processes and display detailed reports in real time.

You’re free to take the application for a spin as soon as setup is done, but it’s best to first make sure that .NET Framework is already on your computer, even though modern Windows iterations come with it as a default feature.

The application goes directly to the tray area when launched, but also immediately starts tracking activities. For efficient management, you can pay a visit to the options menu to organize and configure items and activities to track.

The options panel lets you manage an abundance of details, both technical and visual. These are organized in expandable groups like general behavior, activity window, chart, programs and websites tracking, activity autochange, focus mode, forced breaks, screenshots, folder management, and password protection.

During this time you can enable a couple of desktop objects, namely a chart and statistics windows. These are based on customization options, and can be resized. Activities are monitored in real time, displaying the exact hour and minutes spent in each.

There’s quite the degree of flexibility when configuring tasks.You can have all running processes monitored and shown according to window titles or other details, add exceptions or particular programs to monitor. It’s also possible to prevent other applications such as web browsers from running to prevent distractions.

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that NkTimeTracker Pro is sure to provide visual support regarding activity performance on your PC. Customization options make it possible to tweak charts and display areas. What’s more, you can track all activity, or only custom running processes which are then revealed in a detailed report.