Now is an interesting piece of software that offers you one of the most convenient and probably the fastest way to deploy JavaScript (Node.js,) and Docker-based projects, apps and even static websites to the cloud.

As you will find out a bit later, this realtime deployment system has a very straightforward philosophy, partly thanks to its perfect system integration and partly since it does not require any type of source control. More importantly, it does not force you to deal with other, third-party cloud provider registrations.

Getting started with this neat application should not be much of a  bother since you are guided through the whole installation process by a streamlined wizard. You are prompted to firstly install the binary and then to enter a valid email address. Check your mail for the received token key and go through with the identification process by clicking the provided link.

Subsequently, you will notice that Now has smoothly integrated with your computer's taskbar. Using its compact taskbar menu, you can start to effortlessly deploy projects.

The neat thing is that each time you deploy a project, Now will provide you with a unique URL, even ahead of the upload completion. Even interestingly, the URLs are valid forever, and you don't need to remove the old ones since you are provided with a "fresh" URL according to the app's current development state each time you need one.

At this point, you can check out or manage your deployments from the taskbar menu and even more importantly, copy the URL to your computer's clipboard or directly open them using the default browser at hand.

But, probably the highlight of the application is the fact that Now allows you to upload your files to the cloud even simpler via the CMD. Simply type in the "now" command followed by a space and the package's direct path and that's that.

Even better, the generated link is automatically copied to your computer's clipboard so you can swiftly share projects with your team members or other collaborators.

Taking everything into consideration, Now is an ingenious real-time global deployment software that makes deploying Docker and JavaScript projects to the cloud feel like a walk in the park. Not only does the app perfectly integrates with your computer's taskbar but it can also be used, even more efficiently, directly from Command Prompt.

That said, it's quite clear that Now has a broad array of uses, starting with app testing goals, all the way up to procedures like deploying and developing commercial APIs or services.