NumberPDF makes it easier for you to add page numbers to your portable document files, while also sporting a few features related to page manipulation. While it is not able to replace a full-featured PDF editor, it can turn a few tasks into simple and routine operations.

Thanks to its intuitive options and overall simple approach, NumberPDF is very easy to work with. It can perform batch operations, so you can add as many PDF documents as you want or select a folder that contains such files. For your convenience, the application features previewing functionality that reveals the content of each page.

You can add page numbers to all the files in your list or to the selected files only. The three major enumeration types are available: arab, roman and letters.

NumberPDF can start over at each document or go through with the enumeration throughout all the files, which is useful if you have a larger document split in several PDFs. Alternatively, you can choose to number odd or even pages or process specific pages only.

Not only that you can tamper with the settings above, but you can also customize the font style, add a frame to the page number and a background color.

While its main mission is to facilitate fast page numbering, NumberPDF also comes with a set of secondary functions to handle pages in a PDF file.

It enables you to rotate all or the selected pages in a file, merge pages together using a fast or a standard algorithm, split a large document, or delete various pages.

NumberPDF is easy to configure and requires no prior knowledge to use. It features a fast processing speed and can save the output as a separate document with a custom name, so as to avoid accidental data overwriting.

Overall, it is a worth a try if you are looking for a quick way to add page numbers to your PDF files.