If you are working in the teaching field, you probably need to provide your students with various learning material, but also need an efficient way to grade them accordingly.

In this situation, you can turn to specialized third-party applications such as NXG Logic Instructor that can help you generate high-quality material.

NXG Logic Instructor is a specialized software solution that can help you create high-grade teaching material such as quizzes, exams, homework and lectures.

Installing the application on the target computer can be accomplished without significant efforts since no additional configuration is required.

After you launch the application, you are greeted by a handy user guide that shows you a few helpful steps on how to use the program. These indications are also accompanied by graphic examples so that you can follow them with ease.

If at a certain point, you learn how to use the program without requiring any additional help, you can turn off the guide by ticking the "Do not show this anymore" button.

Among the subjects you can choose from, it is possible to find Combinatorics (Choices, Combinations and Permutations), Probability, Distributions, Estimation, Covariance, Correlation, Linear Regression, Matrix algebra, Poisson regression, MBS Linear Regression or MBS Logistic Regression. You can also select all or none by clicking the "Select all" or "Unselect all" buttons.

As for the output type, you can simply select what you need by clicking the radio buttons that are corresponding to your choice. You can choose from "Lecture notes," "Homework and key," "Quiz and key," "Exam and key" and "Lecture slides (Huge Font)."

All things considered, NXG Logic Instructor is a complex tool that can help you create various teaching and grading material in an efficient manner. It comes with a simplistic interface and provides you with a helpful guide.