Optical character recognition, or OCR for short, is the process of converting electronic images of typed, handwritten or printed text into electronic text. Nowadays, there are numerous OCR solutions out there, but very few have batch processing capabilities.

Enter OCRvision, an interesting utility with so-called automatic OCR and folder monitoring features capable of automatically converting new image files or scanned PDFs into text-searchable PDFs. In short, it’s a character recognition software with multi-language support that’s capable of converting scanned documents into searchable PDF files.

One of the main advantages of OCRvision is the fact it works in an automated fashion. To be more precise, users are provided with the option of selecting/configuring any folder on their computer as a so-called “magic folder.”

This magic folder is constantly scanned by the app to discover newly scanned files (either PDFs or images). The files are then processed by the OCR engine, and they are converted in bulk into searchable PDFs, all without requiring human intervention.

Another worth mentioning fact is that OCRvision supports a remarkably high number of languages. These include English, French, Finnish, German, Japanese, Danish, and Icelandic, just to name a few. The full list of supported languages can be found on the official website. OCRvision also works perfectly well alongside most network scanners in order to perform the OCR process.

To conclude, OCRvision is definitely one of the best OCR software out there, especially for office environments. It’s perfectly suited for companies that are very much document-focused such as legal services, financial services, tech companies, and even government-related departments. It makes it incredibly easy for just about anyone to convert image-based scanned documents to searchable PDFs.