The mouse wheel functions in most programs or interfaces where there’s a scroll bar. However, the interface in question can allow both horizontal and vertical scrolling, just like Excel spreadsheets. In this regard Office Scroll Add-In comes with the means to enable enhanced scrolling within Word and Excel documents.

Since this isn’t a stand-alone application, the host, namely Microsoft Office, needs to be on the target computer. The add-in integrates with Word and Excel components of the suite. It works for both 32-bit and 64-bit Microsoft Office editions, without having to install different counterparts.

Installation of the add-in is simply done by running the install batch file. Necessary components are automatically delivered to the right place, and one can uninstall the add-in through the remove batch file. Make sure that Word or Excel aren’t running during the add-in installation.

The core feature of this add-in is to enhance the functionality of the mouse wheel. This is done by adding extra ways of scrolling. For instance, holding down the Shift key while moving the wheel scrolls the current view horizontally if possible, and one page at a time is scrolled when holding down the Alt key and using the wheel. Additionally, keys can be combined for a larger scroll mode, especially useful in overpopulated Excel spreadsheets.

Although the add-in does deliver a pretty straightforward, functional set of features, it could have used a bit more. For instance, you need to get used to the default hotkeys, because they can’t be changed. There’s no associated interface whatsoever, but figuring out of the add-in is installed simply requires you to use key combinations with the mouse wheel.

All things considered, we can state that Office Scroll Add-In comes with good intentions, and delivers a rather straightforward, but incredibly helpful enhancement to Microsoft Office. Installation is simple, and you instantly get the hang of things thanks to the intuitive hotkeys.