PackMage is a feature-packed packaging CAD application that comes with various modeling features ready to help you create 3D box designs of all shapes and sizes. Intended for use in the packaging industry, its purpose is to increase production efficiency without compromising on innovation.

Thanks to the rich and diverse collection of templates, you have a starting point in creating your own design. The library comprises various types of boxes and enables you to preview the design in both 2D and 3D. Alternatively, you can import existing models from AutoCAD or other similar programs.

PackMage gives you the freedom to adjust dimensions as you consider fit and preview the output as you make modifications. It works with inches, centimeters and millimeters, enabling you to create boxes of all sizes.

The material library includes some of the most common materials used in this industry, but you can extend it anytime by adding custom entries. PackMage thinks of all the details of the design, assisting you in editing the model and providing parameter details that can help you out in correctly measuring dimensions, angles, offsets and radius of all box sides and flaps.

You can import pictures and place them on each side of the box, while the available measurement tools can help you configure the folding way and modify the design.

Once you are done editing the package box, the PackMage 3D Show function enables you to view the box in 3D and simulate the entire folding procedure at custom speed, in order to ensure that the dimensions are correct. Furthermore, you can take screenshots of the model and save them locally.

PackMage comes with all the tools you need in order to create 3D carton box models. Thanks to the 3D preview function, you can verify the accuracy off the structure.

The main benefit of such an application is that is permits you to experiment with a model in a virtual environment, reducing the number of possible mistakes and therefore, costs, while enhancing company performance.