All major web browsers give you the option of storing your login credentials when visiting certain websites, making it a lot easier to access your accounts in the future. If you forget a password, it is possible to recover your data from these databases using the right application.

Password Recovery Shield is a very simple utility that can retrieve passwords stored by Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. It is very easy to use, as you only need to enter the name of the website you wish to gain access to.

Password Recovery Shield is remarkably novice-friendly, so much so that even the most inexperienced users should be able to figure out how the application works. Documentation is not necessary, although a basic set of instructions is available.

Essentially, once you have launched the program, you just need to write the name of a website in the provided field. When you click search, the application scans your local storage for login credentials saved by various web browsers.

Unfortunately, the program does not let you know where the information was extracted from, which could have been helpful if multiple web browsers are installed on your computer.

After performing a search, the application displays the results in a simple table, which includes the relevant website, username and password.

However, because the user interface cannot be resized, it might be difficult to read the provided data, as longer web pages and usernames may not be displayed fully.

On the whole, Password Recovery Shield is a very straightforward utility that can help you out if you ever lose your login credentials for certain websites. It is capable of retrieving passwords stored by many popular web browsers, and it features a simplistic, novice-friendly interface.