With so much information shared everywhere on the Internet, it's quite difficult to keep your private data away from being accessed. However, with the proper and specialized tools, like password managers and antiviruses, you can decrease the chances of being hacked.

When it comes to finding a suitable app to store all your personal and sensitive data, may turn out to be harder than expected. A nice and simple solution may be Password Supervisor, that comes packed with several handy options to offer you a secure and easy method to save various info.

Once you downloaded and installed it, you can take it for a test, to see if it fits your needs. It features a protection system and smart lockdown when you are away from the computer. When run for the first time, it asks to input a master password and a hint. Make sure you remember it, as it's not stored anywhere on your drive, and can't be reset.

The tool provides an extensive collection of categories, like bank accounts, credit cards and PINs, DVR, email, website, social network profiles, and more. Each one comes with basic and specific fields, to accurately adjust to your needs.

The common details for all of them are user ID, passwords, memorable word, webpage, email, phone, and notes. For accounting items, you have to fill additional data, such as bank name, card type, number, holder full name, security number, expiration date, IBAN, address, BIC, and so on.

What's important is that you can backup your database on OneDrive or local, and change the master password if you think it's too hard to remember. Plus, if you plan on leaving the desk, you can lock the app with a single click, or set a specific interval. From the settings, you are able to enable automatic backup, pick the interface theme, select the maximum amount of login attempts, and the lock screen timeout.

To sum it up, Password Supervisor is a reliable and user-friendly application that comes in handy for everyone who wants to add and store multiple valuable details, like accounts, credit cards, bank accounts, or login credentials, and protect them from prying eyes.