Since the online medium is where you spend most of your time while you are using the computer, you need to handle a lot of separate website accounts and passwords, one for each service that you happen to use. In addition, there are also your credit card and PIN numbers to worry about, since you cannot simply store them in a plain text file.

Password Plus is a software utility that enables you to easily store all of your other passwords and account information in one place, in order to easily retrieve them when they are needed and protect them from unauthorized access. Besides requiring a master password to view and edit the stored records, they are also protected by powerful encryption algorithms.

In addition, the application can synchronize this data across multiple devices, so that your passwords are always in sync with each other regardless of the device you are accessing them from, whether its a smartphone, a tablet or a computer. The transfer is made through a secure cloud server, which keeps them safe and protected using encryption.

When you are adding a new password to the database, you can make use of one of the already available templates and categories, such as bank account, credit card or email account, or create new ones from scratch to better fit your needs. These templates can hold enough fields to satisfy your requirements, regardless of the type you decide to create.

In case you forget one of your passwords, the application enables you to show them in plain text instead of hiding them under the usual asterisks, although it is not recommended to keep them in this state. The master password, however, cannot be displayed and you cannot recover it, so you should choose one you can easily remember when you first start the program.

Thanks to the secure environment and the wide array of options regarding the storage of various account types, Password Plus is a handy application to have around on your computer. In addition, the powerful encryption and the master password feature make it even more difficult for anyone to get hold of your private information.