Patterns Collection 3:

2800 royalty-free superb pattern bitmaps for PSP and Xara X and Photo-Paint and other applications

Use for backgrounds, textures, for text, bump maps, fashion designs, fills, and more

Seamless tiles

Royalty-free, use in any commercial projects or hobby / otherwise as required

RGB colorful patterns of mixed designs and resolutions

Patterns Collection Includes Abstract pattern bitmaps + Basic patterns bitmaps + Circular pattern bitmaps + Colorful pattern bitmaps + Complex pattern bitmaps + Curly patterns + Distorted and warped bitmaps + Dot pattern bitmaps + Flower pattern bitmaps + Geometric bitmaps + Grained bitmaps + Grayscale bitmaps + Hex glows bitmaps + Painted bitmaps + Raw bitmaps + Shine/glow bitmaps + Soft focus pattern bitmaps + Stringy pattern bitmaps + Tiled pattern bitmaps and many more

Patterns - Fills / tiles / gallery

Use the patterns as fills and tiles in various applications. Please consult with your application documentation and notes for use with fills / materials palettes / paint buckets.

Applications include Xara X, Photo-Paint ™ and others

Patterns and Brush textures

Use the patterns in brush textures and more. Adds additional texture to any brush strokes.

Patterns and Bump Maps

Use the patterns as environment maps and bump maps in various plugins (in the KPT series or in 3D applications as well as DTP applications

Patterns and Text

Use the patterns as exciting hi-impact text fills