PC PhoneHome is a handy and useful application designed to operate at a very low level using almost no resources which tracks and locates lost or stolen laptop and desktop computers.

The software provides worldwide tracking and recovery. With its highly tamper-proof, it cannot be removed by an unauthorized party.

Unlike other tracking agents, PC PhoneHome allows the user to do their own monitoring at a significant reduction in cost. With PC PhoneHome there is no yearly monitoring fees, no additional charges, and no hidden costs!

How does PC PhoneHome work? Every time you boot your computer and have an Internet connection, PC PhoneHome sends a stealth e-mail message containing its exact location to a pre-determined e-mail address set by the user.

In the event the computer is stolen, the customer must make a report with the local police and then notify the PC PhoneHome Command and Tracking Center, which will provide full tracking and recovery support.

When the stolen computer goes online it will send a stealth message to the pre-determined e-mail address containing its exact location.

Once this information is received, recovery agents at PC PhoneHome will work with our customer and the investigating law enforcement agency to recover the stolen property.