Having the ability to convert files these days has become synonymous with efficient interoperability and has become a real staple in the arsenal of even the most novice or casual PC users. The PDF format makes no exceptions and PDF Converter Tool Store app was designed to offer a simple and effective tool for performing such conversions, also providing several other useful features.

One can input the preferred PDF files by either using the provided navigation menu or by simply dragging and dropping them directly onto the interface. Multiple files can be added and this is especially useful for those who have large volumes of data for conversion.

A relatively wide range of output formats offers users several options, some of which include: BMP, GIF, ICO, JPG, PNG or even WEPP. Users must note, however, that they must define the output directory prior to performing the conversion.

The application shines in the sense that it offers more than just the converter module, accounting for other common operations, such as file compressions. Using that feature, one will be able to reduce the output file size considerably, making it ideal for storage purposes.

Furthermore, one can also password-protect files, or decrypt those that have already been created using the app. Last but not least, a handy log tells you what operations you have performed with the app lately, as well as the corresponding files.

If you need a lightweight and efficient PDF converter, give this app a try. Thanks to its minimalist features and the fact that it also offers other, useful extra tools, it can be a good companion to have around if you’re working with PDF data.