A great variety of content can be found under the PDF format, and is usually widely preferred for its security options. However, extracting content might not be as comfortable, case in which you might need to rely on specialized applications like PDF Files Text Extractor Mini, this one extracting text strings for you.

You first need to go through a setup process to ensure proper functionality, but you might also want to check whether or not your PC is fitted with .NET Framework, because it’s a mandatory requirement. On the bright side of things, the installer checks for you, and Windows usually delivers it in its default set of features.

Needless to say that your initial effort consists of choosing the PDF files you want to convert. It’s possible to process multiple files at a time, but you need to load them through the browse dialog because drag and drop is not supported as an input method here. Items get displayed in a table with headers for name, path, and operation status.

Since there’s no built-in preview section, you need to make sure that the target PDF files contain text. The application relies on OCR techniques to read the file and attempt to extract any text. Before the operation is started, you need to specify a save location for the new files.

Conversion doesn’t take a lot of time, and each processed PDF file delivers one output file. Unfortunately, there aren’t any options to configure the process to choose pages to target, or save the entire operation result into a single text file.

All things considered, we can state that PDF Files Text Extractor Mini is a fast, reliable method of extracting text strings from one or more PDF files. Although you can’t choose how and what to extract, it does the job well overall.