If you are constantly working with PDF files you've surely required third party tools to apply different modifications to them. Whether you wanted to convert, split, merge, decrypt files, you had to look up and acquire the right program. But what would you say if a single application could take care of all those processes and even more?

PDF Super Toolkit is a powerhouse of an application that covers most of the management operations available for PDF files.

The layout excels at how the tools are organized and presented to the user. The tools are neatly displayed and placed into four lists, each with its own title. That title suggests what type of tool is listed there, and what you can do with it.

Regarding the tools, each one has a separate UI that pops up when you access them. Also, the individual layouts are based on the same design, but they are all different, based on the job they have to complete.

Now that we've figured out the app's structure, let's see what you can achieve with it. After a quick look at the titles, we can see that the tools are capable of handling document, page, conversion and security operations.

To give a brief example, if you need to convert a PDF to a DOC file, open up the specific tool, upload the PDF, choose the output location and you're done. However, there might be extra features or preferences to choose from, depending on what tool you use, but overall, this example is relevant for most of the tools.

PDF Super Toolbox is a nice suite to have around, especially if you are dealing with PDF documents daily. Also, the similarities between the layouts are a big plus, as it can help less experienced users to grab a hold on how things work, a little faster.