Handling PDF files on eBook devices requires users to search for a solution that could help them convert their files to ePub format. There are numerous software packages that offer such capabilities and one of them is PDF to ePub Converter. It will allow users to easily import multiple PDF files and convert them simultaneously to ePub format, with customizable page range and output location.

The application comes packed with a minimalist interface that features a colorful design with well distinguished tools. Users will be able to add their PDF files and the application will display them in listed with numerous details such as name, size, total number of pages, selected pages and conversion status.

Unfortunately, the application’s interface cannot be resized and users might get frustrated quite easily, since, because of this they will not be able to view all the details in the file list. The output file location can be selected straight from the main window and one of the application’s useful features is the page range selector, which allows users to choose which pages to be converted.

People will be able to convert multiple PDF files simultaneously and the application will also allow them to add folders. Upon completion, it will provide a graphical confirmation and people will benefit from a text, image or mix mode for the conversion process.

When it comes to customizing the application, its preferences menu is basic and it only provides options for configuring unrelated proxy settings. There are numerous other customization features that are lacking and could have been included, such as the ability to select color or black and white pages from the PDFs.

Users who seek an easy-to-use and efficient PDF converter that will allow them to save their files to ePub format, could try this application. PDF to ePub Converter will provide a straightforward interface that will promote easy handling and people will be able to convert their files in no time. Nevertheless, experienced users could request for more customization options and additional features that other similar software packages offer.