PDF files are known to be difficult to handle, and an entire array of programs have appeared that make your life easier. PDFdu Extract Page is a software solution that enables you to save your desired pages into a single document.

You can install the application quickly and effortlessly as it does not have any other options than the basic ones. You will be greeted by a window that offers all the necessary tools.

The interface does not boast any impressive graphics, yet it is organized enough to be efficient. You can load multiple PDF files at once, and the software will process them at the same time.

You can tweak some options to fit your needs; you can save the files in the original folder, or select a different one. If you wish to differentiate the files, you can add file name prefix or suffix, or a custom name altogether.

Regarding page extracting, PDFdu Extract Page offers some options; you can export a single page, which is the default selection, or you can save multiple pages, the last n pages or a custom set, which includes comma separated page ranges.

With the main features aside, you can also modify various settings from the dedicated window. You can add a text watermark with a preferential font, size, opacity, and angle, but without any locations options. Furthermore, you can add a password for both owner and user as well as remove PDF restrictions such as printing, copying or content modifications.

In conclusion, PDFdu Extract Page is a software application that enables you to perform batch exports from your PDF documents. You have a sufficient amount of features and options to get the job done. The application offers good value for money if you compare it to other software available on the market.