Though some may argue that paper books will never be replaced, it’s safe to say that eReadears are becoming accepted as a viable (and more eco-friendly) alternative to our coziest sources of culture. And it’s not just the top-choice Amazon Kindle that’s popular; there’s also the Kobo and Barnes & Noble’s Nook, and other lesser known options, which people still buy. If there’s one thing that comes close to holding, touching & smelling a book, it’s the feeling of holding one single library in your hands, on just one device.

But with more devices, come more file formats. While the Kindle uses MOBI, the others prefer EPUB, all while you’re just getting frustrated because a lot of your stocked PDF books won’t get properly displayed on your eReader of choice. That’s why a software like PDFMate eBook Converter Professional could be really useful if you’re an eBook aficionado.

With the software’s user-friendly interface, you can easily convert an eBook file type to another, like, let’s say, MOBI to EPUB. But PDFMate isn’t limited only to eBook formats; you could, for example, convert a Microsoft Word DOCX file to MOBI (but not the other way round). Finally, you can convert any of the aforementioned formats to just plain TXT.

PDFMate eBook Converter Professional can do this even to eBooks protected by Digital Rights Management, as it also acts as a DRM removal tool. The access control is removed as soon as you load the book into the software, allowing you to edit tags like Title, Author, Publishers, or even the book cover itself.

Another cool feature that PDFMate has is that it can automatically detect your eReader, and all of your stored eBooks. So, yes, this software can be a real “mate” if you need a bit of help in building your virtual library.